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Dermal fillers are used for facial aesthetic treatments and are injected into the skin. They are designed to effectively reduce the appearance of unwanted wrinkles, contour and create volume, and revitalise the skin.

Dermal fillers are a soft injectable gel consisting of stabilized, non-animal hyaluronic acid. The gel is tissue-friendly and closely resembles the hyaluronic acid that exists naturally in the body. It is long-lasting but not permanent.

Dermal fillers can be used for a range of cosmetic reasons. Some of our most popular areas for treatment include the facial cheeks, jawline, chin, tear trough fillers and lip fillers our Perth clients absolutely love! See below for more areas that we commonly treat with dermal fillers in Perth.

More Information

Treatment Areas
  • Lips
  • Cheeks
  • Jawline & chin
  • Nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines)
  • Marionette Lines (downturn mouth)
  • Tear trough fillers

A revolutionary treatments to address skin laxity and offers a number of benefits that include:

  • Restored radiance
  • Tightened and lifted skin
  • Restoration of the skin’s moisture
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Increase skin firmness and elasticity
  • It is a useful natural treatment for skin laxity that helps you fight the effects of aging with just two months of treatment.

The result of a single treatment can be seen instantly and can last for around 6 to 9 months.

Dermal filler injections can give a natural-looking result that does not affect facial expression.

More common side effects
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain
  • Tenderness
  • Lump formation
  • Itching at the injection site
Uncommon side effects

Serious but rare side effects include:

  • Delayed onset infections
  • Recurrence of herpetic eruptions
  • Superficial necrosis at the injection site.
Treatment Preparation

As with any injectable treatments, it is advisable to avoid the following before your dermal fillers in Perth

  • Aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen 10-14 days prior to treatment to minimize the risk of bruising.
  • Some vitamin and herbal supplements can also have a blood thinning effect and should be avoided include: ginkgo, garlic, fish oil and vitamin E.
  • Alcohol consumption can increase the risk of bruising and should be avoided 2 days prior to treatment.
  • If you have a history of cold sores, be sure to notify your provider prior to your appointment and he or she will prescribe a medication to take the night before that will reduce the likelihood of a breakout.
Aftercare/ Downtime
  • Patients can generally leave the clinic and return to work and or other activities almost immediately.
  • It is advised to avoid excessive exercise immediately after treatment. You may resume your normal exercise routine the following day.
  • After the treatment you will receive post-treatment guidelines. It is normal to experience some post-treatment discomfort, such as redness, swelling, pain, itching, bruising or tenderness at the treatment site.
  • These side effects generally disappear within a few days or up to two weeks after injection.
  • Following treatment, there is sometimes a need for a touch-up treatment to achieve an optimal result.

Please see pricelist list for various packages offered, as well as individual pricing for dermal fillers in Perth’s tWR clinic.


Who is not suitable for dermal filler treatment?
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid treatments as there is not sufficient clinical data to support safe treatment in this group
  • Do not use if you have severe allergies with a history of severe reactions (anaphylaxis), are allergic to lidocaine or gram-positive bacterial proteins used to make hyaluronic acid, prone to bleeding, or have a bleeding disorder
  • Inform your clinician if you have a history of scarring or pigmentation disorders as these side effects can occur with hyaluronic acid fillers.
  • Inform your clinician if you are planning other cosmetic treatments (i.e., lasers and chemical peels) as there is a possible risk of inflammation at the injection site.
How do dermal fillers work?
  • Adding volume to the skin
  • Instantly diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles providing a natural, softer, more youthful look.
How long does the treatment take?

For first-time visitors to tWR, an initial consultation is conducted and a long-term treatment plan is discussed initially to ensure your expectations are realistic and achievable. Once the treatment plan is agreed upon the actual treatment can take approx. 30-45 mins with minimal downtime.

Are dermal fillers safe?

Dermal fillers have become increasingly popular over the years as a non-surgical way to rejuvenate the face. But with the rise in popularity comes the question of whether or not they are safe. So, are dermal fillers safe? In short, the answer is yes.

Dermal fillers are a gel like substance that contain hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance found in the body. They are safe, non-toxic and can be dissolved if necessary.

Of course, any procedure comes with potential side effects. The most common side effects of dermal fillers are bruising, swelling, and redness, but these typically subside within a few days. More serious side effects, such as infection or vascular occlusion, are extremely rare and can be avoided with proper injection technique and aftercare.

It's important to note that the safety and effectiveness of dermal fillers is highly dependent on the practitioner performing the injection. When you visit the WHITE ROOM clinic you can be assured that our team of experienced injectors will take into consideration your individual needs and facial structure to ensure the best possible outcome.

Are dermal fillers instant?

If you're considering getting dermal fillers to enhance your facial features or fix those wrinkles, one question may have popped up in your mind: are dermal fillers instant? The simple answer is yes, they are! Dermal fillers are injections that are made up of hyaluronic acid that are injected into your skin to add volume and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. As soon as the filler is injected into your skin, you'll be able to see the results right away.

However, the degree of instant gratification depends on the type of filler you're getting. While some fillers provide immediate results, others may take a few days or even weeks to show the full effect. For instance, hyaluronic acid fillers tend to provide immediate results that can last up to a year. Other dermal fillers however,  that promote collagen stimulation can take up to 3 months to see a result.Dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid are instant in the sense that you'll see the results as soon as the filler is injected into your skin. However, the full effect may take a little time to show up. A comprehensive consultation is always offered at the WHITE ROOM clinic to  make sure  your expectations are realistic and you have a clear understanding of what to expect.

Can dermal fillers be removed?

Dermal fillers treatments are a  great way to achieve a youthful look without going under the knife. However, there may come a time when you want to have your fillers removed. So, can dermal fillers be removed? The answer is yes, they can.

The process of removing fillers is called a hyaluronidase injection. This is a special enzyme that dissolves hyaluronic acid, which is the main ingredient in most fillers. The enzyme is injected into the area where the filler was injected, and it breaks down the filler over time. The results of the injection are noticeable immediately, and the skin should return to its normal state within a few weeks.

It's important to note that not all dermal fillers can be easily removed. Some fillers, such as the semi-permanent types, like those that fall into the collagen stimulating category can't be dissolved by hyaluronidase. In this case, the only option is to wait for the filler to naturally dissolve over time, which can take several months to over a year.

Dermal fillers can be removed using a hyaluronidase injection, but it's important to consult with a professional to find out which type of filler you have and what your options are. Whether you want to remove the filler because you've changed your mind or because you're experiencing complications, there is a solution available.

When considering dermal filler injections, it is important to understand the potential risks involved. Our experienced team of injectors will guide you through the process prior to treatment to ensure you are well informed of the potential complications and how that are managed should the need arise.

Lip Filler FAQs

How long does lip filler last?

Lip fillers are a popular cosmetic treatment that enhances the size and shape of the lips. They can provide a subtle or dramatic difference depending on your desired outcome, but one common question is, "How long do they last?" 

Well, the answer is not straightforward. The longevity of lip fillers varies depending on several factors, including the type of filler used, the amount injected, and your body's response to the treatment. Typically, lip fillers can last anywhere from six months to a year.

However, it's important to note that lip fillers are not permanent and will eventually dissolve. You may also notice that the results start to fade over time, especially if you have a high metabolism or participate in activities that speed up the breakdown of the filler, such as smoking. 

To maintain your lip filler results, it's recommended to schedule touch-up appointments every six to twelve months. This will help ensure that your lips remain full and plump, giving you the confidence boost you desire. 

If you're considering lip fillers, it's important to understand that the results are not permanent and will require upkeep. However, with proper maintenance, lip fillers can give you the lips of your dreams for a year or more.

Can I get lip filler when pregnant?

If you're expecting a baby and wondering if you can still have your lips plumped with filler, the short answer is no. While there is no evidence that hyaluronic acid-based fillers are harmful to your unborn baby, our team will not perform the procedure on pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding. Here are some reasons why:

- Risk of complications: Like any cosmetic treatment, lip filler injections can cause side effects such as swelling, bruising, infection, or allergic reactions. While these are usually mild and temporary, they can be more severe or persistent in pregnant women due to changes in blood flow, immune system, or hormonal levels. 

- Lack of research: Since pregnant women are typically excluded from clinical trials of drugs or medical devices, there is limited scientific data on the safety and efficacy of lip fillers during pregnancy. Since every pregnancy is unique, it's hard to predict how a filler injection will affect you or your baby.

How long does lip filler swelling last?

If it’s your first time getting fillers, you’re probably wondering how long it’s going to take for your lips to fully ‘settle’.

Firstly, the swelling is going to be the worst on the day of your appointment. It’s nothing to worry about, it’s just your body adjusting to the treatment.

Around day two or three is usually when the swelling will start to properly set in. You might also experience some bruising around your lips, but this will also fade with time. A lot of swelling and bruising will depend on your individual body and how much filler was injected, but don’t worry if you look a little puffy.

By day five, the majority of the swelling should have subsided, but your lips may still look fuller than you’re used to. This is totally normal, and it can take up to two weeks for the fillers to fully settle and look natural in your face.

Lip filler swelling can last anywhere from a few days to two weeks, particularly if there is bruising involved. . This is nothing to worry about and is all part of the process. The team at the WHITE ROOM clinic guide you through the after care process and are always available should you have any queries or concerns

Does lip filler hurt?

The question of whether lip filler treatment is painful is highly subjective and dependent on your own pain threshold. You've probably heard a hundred different stories about how painful it is. Some say it's excruciating, while others claim it's just a little discomfort. The truth is, everyone's pain tolerance is different, so it's difficult to say how much pain you'll experience during the procedure. 

Most people describe the sensation as a slight stinging feeling, but it only lasts for a few seconds. It's generally considered to be a relatively painless procedure, and the entire process usually takes around 20 - 40 minutes.

At the WHITE ROOM clinic, we like to make our clients as comfortable as possible. A pharmaceutical grade numbing compound is applied to the area for approximately 20 mins prior to treatment. We take our time with every client and provide comprehensive after care instructions to help minimise any potential swelling / bruising that may occur.

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